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Hue citadel-Stunning old Imperial City

Where to go?

Imperial City

Hue Imperial City was built 200 years ago, from 1805 to 1832. Before building, it was researched for 3 years in order to find the best ways to have a good foundation and architecture. The castle passed many dynasties and war time but still remains ancient architectures, histories and deep cultures. Hue Imperial City has 10 gates, 18 Outer and Inner courses, 2 pavilions and other architectural structures.When visiting Hue Imperial City, you should spend at least half of a day to have a general glance or spend a full day having

When visiting Hue Imperial City, you should spend at least half of a day to have a general glance or spend a full day having more detailed perspective. If you discover the castle by yourself, it is suggested that you should read the history in advance to understand the deep meaning of what you will see in the castle. Even traveling with a tour guide, knowledge about history is necessary because the guide can give out very interesting information based on your understanding or questions.

Walk through the huge gate to the inner of the castle then reach 19/5 street to visit the center. After ticket pass, you will enter Thai Hoa Court where the King and his courts used to hold meetings. Then have a look at his gold chair in the middle of the room and many other beautiful decorations. Visit Court of King, Queen, King’s parents and other great destinations. You can try sitting on royal cart walking through tree-line street in the castle and take beautiful pictures of beauty, culture and history.

Thien Mu Pagoda

Thien Mu Pagoda is located on Huong River Bank. It is famous not only because of the beauty but also the history and the deep meaning inside. The Pagoda was first built in 1601 under Nguyen Hoang Dynasty – the first dynasty in the Center of Vietnam.

“Thien Mu” was named by the King Nguyen Hoang. The story was orally told that the King rode his horse in Hue to find a good location to make the country richer and stronger then he reached Ha Khe Hill and realized it was the very good layer of earth. He also knew the story of an old woman wearing in red silk clothes said that: “There would be a King come here and build a pagoda to keep this good layer of earth and make his country strong”. Therefore, based on the story and his fate, King Nguyen Hoang built Thien Mu Pagoda which means “The heaven mother pagoda”.

The pagoda has passed so many other dynasties and events of history but remains stable, famous till now. The clues when visiting Thien Mu Pagoda is studying the general history then you can link with other important events and see how interesting it is. If you just visit the scene and architecture, then you have seen one third of the ice berg.

Tomb of Khai Dinh

Tomb_of_Khai Dinh

King Khai Dinh (1885-1925) used to be a King of Vietnam. He was a special king who can combine cultures over the world in his daily life, clothes, architecture especially his tomb. Tomb’s area is not the biggest but it took the longest period of time to complete (11 years) and have the most special and beautiful decorations.

After 127 steps, you will reach the tomb with French styled fences, Indian styled pillar, Roman styled doom, Japanese and Korean ceramics…

Located at the highest place, Thien Dinh Court is the main architecture structure of Khai Dinh Tomb. This court is decorated artistically with ceramics and color glass into beautiful pictures. Visit this tomb, you will be satisfied by the unique and beauty of architecture surprised by the special combination and amazed by such an imagination mind of a king.

Tomb of Tu Duc

King Tu Duc (1829 – 1883) was a good – natured king, also known as a poet but he had a sad story of life also. He was king at the time when Nguyen Dynasty going to be collapsed, French came into Vietnam with bad plans and the rebellions inside the country. His health was not good and he often felt sad, he had no children also.
He built his tomb for 7 years with green garden, courts near calm pools. Visiting Tu Duc Tomb, you will have peaceful moment looking at the traditional architecture. The highlight of the great structure is three bridges Tuan Khiem, Tien Khiem and Do Khiem over the lake to pine hill with green and flowers.

Tomb of Minh Mang

King Minh Mang (1791-1841) was a decisive and strong king. Under his period, Vietnam’s area was the largest ever. However, Minh Mang is also famous for his number of wives and children (142 children). He built his tomb in 3 years with the hard work of around 10,000 labors.
The tomb’s structure was built based on the balance and symmetry. A main road in the middle gate, meeting court, lake and finally is King’s Tomb. The King’s tomb is underground of a pine hill, surrounded by wall. There is a dark green pine forest behind the tomb which makes the atmosphere become decent and dignified.
Tomb of Minh Mang is a place worth visiting not only for sight-seeing but also to study the history, human being and life.

Huong River and Ngu Binh Mount

The beauty of Hue originated from the peaceful of Huong River and Ngu Binh Mount. As in Feng Shui rules, the calm river combined with strong and huge mountain made into very good layers of earth which help the people live in peace and happiness. That is also the reason why Hue was chosen to be the capital for hundreds of years in the past, was the place where the kings lived.
Huong River is a calm and beautiful river with green trees and gardens in two river banks. Take a small boat along the river, stop and visit other famous destinations. From Ngu Binh Mount, we can see the breathtaking scene of Huong River flowing through the old capital.

Bach Ma Mount

Bach Ma Mount is a final part of great Truong Son Mountain. It is one of the wild and natural green jungles left in Vietnam.
There are two ways to reach the peak: walking or traveling by 24 seat car because the road is rather small. There are a lot of paths that lead us to beautiful scenes. You do not need any special equipment to conquer but only sport shoes and long shocks to prevent leech.
The temperature here is always lower than other areas from 7-10 Celsius degree. The rainfall is highest in Vietnam, average 8,000mm per year. The fauna and flora are very diverse with 2,147 types of flora and 1,493 types of fauna.
Visiting here if you love wild nature and beautiful scenes!

Lang Co Beach

Lang Co Beach was chosen to be one of the most beautiful bays in the world in 2009 by Worldbays. Lang Co has 10km white sandy beach with crystal turquoise sea water. There are beautiful mountains, stone cliffs and national parks near Lang Co Beach which make the scenes even more attractive.
There are many nice resorts and hotels there which can make your trip become perfect!

Ancient Garden House

Hue has many beautiful garden houses which express the culture, life and thoughts of Hue people. The garden house that is recommended is An Hien Garden House as it is one of the most beautiful, famous and just half of a kilometer from Hue Imperial City.

What to eat?

Hue beef noodle soup

Hue beef noodle soup is one of the most famous Hue foods. Hue noodles soup has distinctive flafor with the delicious broth, smell of lemongrasses, lime juice, fish sauce..all make this soup unique taste. It is not hard to find a Hue beef noodle soup stall, in spite of budget price, you can get a tasty bowl of soup

Com hen (Perfume River mussel cooked rice)

Com Hen is the most delicious only in Hue, although this local food served at every corner, it has still distinctive flavor. Com Hen is made from cooked white rice and let them get cold and seasoned by mussel meat that caught in Perfume river. We eat Com Hen accompany fresh herbs, peanuts, bean sprouts

Che (sweet soup)

Sweet soup is a special food in Vietnam. It can be served as dessert or food for the students between classes. It is said that while Hanoi has 36 guild streets, Hue has 36 Che soup. Che soup often served in the hidden alleys, This dessert is an ideal drink for summer time. In Hue, there are lots of kinds of Che, with different flavors.

Hue cakes


Hue cakes are processed by many different types with different in recipes but made from all the common base ingredients of rice flour and crushed shrimp. Each cake has different dipping sauce with a distinctive taste. They are usually served as appetizer. If you are a foody, you should enjoy these cakes in one place

Where to stay

5-star hotel

Banyan Tree Lang Co Resort is simply first class and the resort facilities are excellent. There are lots of complimentary activities for guests, such as golf lessons, archery, trampolining, kayaking, riding.

4-star hotel

Moon Light Hotel is a new luxury brand hotel in Hue City, was opened from 15 April 2013. Within walking distance to Huong River and in the heart of Hue Downtown, the location of The Moonlight Hotel Hue could not be more central or ideal for those wishing experience the popular attractions of Hue.

Eldora is the lovely hotel having spacious rooms overlooking the city. On the rooftop, You may immerse yourself in the pool where the view from the pool is amazing, you can see many directions through big windows.

3-star hotel

Serene Palace Hotel is beautiful hotel located near Huong River and Imperial City.

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