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Vietnam proves to be more than just an exotic country to celebrate honeymoon. You can hardly be disappointed in the diverse yet still charming topography of the country. It is the place of immense mountainous areas covered by luxuriant rice paddies as well as endless beaches with crystal-clear blue waters and soft white sand sparkling under the sun. It is where you can easily find cheap but delicious food either in cozy local restaurants or simply on the street. It is the destination of hospitality to give you the feeling of being home when actually on the road of a significant journey with your partner.

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Vietnam honeymoon destinations


Sapa is one of the must-see places in Vietnam due to its vast lush mountainous scenery and friendly indigenous people.

As Sapa lays at an elevation of over 1500 meters (4,921 feet) so the weather is cool in summer and it experiences occasional snowfall in winter. There are multiple ethnic minority groups living here, namely, H’mong, Dao, Giay, Xa Pho, and Tay, etc. They all have their own customs and can be easily distinguished due to their clothes.

Note: Since Sapa has been long a popular tourist attraction; it experiences a big number of tourists every year. Nonetheless, it is still possible to go off the beaten tracks in Sapa. In order to gain such unique experience, it is recommendable to stay at Topas Ecolodge and Nam Cang Riverside Lodge, which are close to nature and also convenient to get to those attractive trails.

Topas Ecolodge


Topas is a completion of eco-friendly, cozy and quaint bungalows on top of a mountain. Right at the entrance, you will be warmly welcomed with a cup of special refreshing tea.

Then you will take a short walk through a beautiful tree-lined road with flowers to check in. The walls are made of stone; the rooms are furnished with wood, so it is quite cool inside during summer especially with a fan or air conditioner.

Thanks to the special location of Topas Ecolodge, you can enjoy trekking or riding a bicycle in the surrounding covered by lush rice terraces, meeting local people and learning about their cultures. It is noted that many ethnic people in Sapa are able to speak English due to the frequent interaction with foreigners visiting this area.

Note: It is not recommended to book one night only at Topas Ecolodge since there is so much to do here. Many tourists have regretted being unable not to extend their stay in this peaceful, sweet area.

Nam Cang Riverside Lodge


Nam Cang is located in the last area in Sapa where you can see not only beautiful scenes but also experience a life close to nature as well as the indigenous people and traditional music. The lodge is on the bank of a big and purified stream so you can go swimming here in cool water. Nam Cang Lodge serves you with traditional foods from the fresh material grown there.

You can spend the evening with some local people. They are very happy to introduce you about themselves and their lives, sing their traditional songs, play musical instruments and drink some wine with you.

Just only someday tour but you will have a lot of experiences and new beautiful pictures for your romantic honeymoon holiday.

When should you go?

The point that you should notice is the harvest season and the rainy season here. The local people grow only one rice season from April to November. Therefore you can see the green rice terraced fields from April to September, yellow rice terraced field from September to November. However, in the beautiful rice field season, the rain may affect your trekking tour but if we can go in sunny days in the summer, it turns out to be perfect days. The winter is cold, dry and may have snow. The weather is good for trekking, less risky due to rains during summer. It is still green thanks to the tree rather than rice fields. However, January and February are the peach blossom season, when you also should come to enjoy the beautiful flowers.


Hanoi – the capital of Vietnam, is a city of culture, mixture of old and new architectures, tree – lined boulevards and romantic lakes.
Visiting Hanoi, Visiting Hanoi, you can experience the delicacies of Vietnamese cuisines such as Pho (noodle with beef, chicken or pork), fresh spring rolls, bun cha (noodle with grilled pork) and much more other foods.


Hanoi Street Food is a must try while in Hanoi

In addition, we should do one-day sightseeing trip around Hanoi with attractions such as Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum and his palace where you will learn about a person who sacrificed his life for the country then visit his tender garden and carp pond.

  • The next stop is One Pillar Pagoda where you will see a special architecture in Vietnam: a pagoda on a pillar and listen to the real story of a king about how he built it.
  • Visit Temple of Literature – the first university of Vietnam which was built around 1000 years ago. 
  • Don’t forget to go around West Lake to enjoy the peaceful moments in the bustling city.
  • Come back the Old Quarter, spend time enjoying the water puppet show at the theater

When should you go?

Hanoi has 4 distinct seasons: spring, summer, fall and winter. It rains more in summer and beginning of fall but the weather in fall is comfortable: temperature average is 30 Celsius degree. Winter is a little cold (average of 18 Celsius degree) and dry so winter is one of the good seasons to reach Hanoi. Spring is also the good time to come with warmer weather and flowers.

Halong Bay


Sunset in Halong Bay

Vietnam is a beautiful country but going to Vietnam without Halong Bay is a big regret, especially your honeymoon packages. Many couples have reached Vietnam for holding their wedding, celebrated their love and that was their great idea for love.

Halong Bay was recognized to be one of seven world heritage by UNESCO, to be one of the most beautiful bays in the world by Worldbay. It has over 1,600 islands, islets with turquoise sea water and beautiful caves. It is also a perfect place for a destination wedding with nature, fresh air and romantic moments.

To visit this treasure of nature, you will embark on a boat sailing around the bay to see the beautiful limestones rising from sea water. Stop at some caves to see sparkling stalactites with interesting fairy tales.

There are tours with various time periods depending on your availability. You can make a tour within a day, which lasts around 4 hours, or you can spend more time enjoying the bay in 2 days or 3 days.


Halong Cooking Class


Halong on a boat trip

There are many activities that you can experience together on the bay such as swimming, walking along white sand beaches, going fishing, kayaking, cooking class or just laying idly on the sundeck and relaxing. These activities will bring you closer and make you understand each other more, keep happy moments together.

When should you go?

Halong is located in the north of Vietnam so it has 4 distinct seasons. The best time to visit Halong is from September to November when the weather is warm enough for you to swim and there are less rain and little storm.

However, if you travel in winter and spring, you will not enjoy swimming but you can do kayaking and the weather is perfect for sightseeing. There is one more plus point for winter; it is a low season for Vietnamese tourists so it is not too crowded

Hoi An


Hoi An is an ancient city with peace and slow pace of life. Visiting this quaint city is a way to escape the busy life, bustling streets and have some time to think about the new life with your partner. Just come, taste Hoi An’s cuisines, namely Cao Lao and My Quang, enjoy Cua Dai beach, and discover all corners here on foot or by motorbike; it is simply perfect for an old-fashioned.

When should you go?

Hoi An has fairly stable weather. It is not cold as Hanoi but not hot as Ho Chi Minh City. Hoi An has rain and dry season and the best time for you to come is from August to November.

Da Lat

Vietnam is a beautiful country with many famous destinations but there are two best places for lovers are Sapa in the north and Da Lat in the south. I visited Da Lat the first place to visit because it is a city of love and romance

Da Lat has perfect weather, 4 seasons in one day: cold at night, warm in the morning, a little warm at noon and cool in the afternoon. Besides, this city also has gorgeous flowers all year round and delicious fruits, especially strawberry. That is the reason why it has been known to be a great resort for 100 years

It is easy to find a romantic room in a great villa or resort in 4 or 5-star service. Da Lat has calm lakes, the pine forest and the Lang Biang Hill for couples who love trekking.

When should you go?

You can visit Da Lat any time in a year but if you love flowers, the best time to Da Lat is from November to January when there is no more rain, the weather is cool; cherry, peach blossoms, and wild sunflowers are blooming gorgeously.

Mekong Delta


Mekong Delta can add more colors to your honeymoon picture as it is not about some gorgeous fairy-tale scenery; it is more about normal people’ lives. We include Mekong Delta here since we believe watching the other couples’ life under other conditions will portray you some other possible pictures of family life. More than that, it carries a message that where there’s a will, there’s a way to build a happy family.

Not only do people in Mekong Delta do their business on boats but they actually also from numerous communities living on the river. Just come and visit their floating market or some local families. There you are welcomed and you will have opportunities to try numerous delicious tropical fruits.

When should you go?

Mekong Delta is a destination that you can visit anytime in a year because each season has its beauty. If you drop by in summer time, there are lots of orchards filled with diverse fruits and you can taste any fruits you like. After summer, it is the floating season attracting both locals and foreigners. If you come at the end of the year or in spring, you will see the market full of flowers.

Honeymoon Beach Holiday

Beaches are always to be the ideal place for couples to have sweet time and romantic moments. Poem and literature have mentioned many times about the love stories in the enormous beautiful scenes of waves, beaches and sea. It is a reason why beaches are always necessary for best loving moments–honeymoon trip. And Vietnam has a long coastline of 3,260 km and it seems to have endless beaches and now Let's find out the best beaches in Vietnam beach honeymoon holiday.

Nha Trang


Nha Trang is a beautiful beach city with good weather almost all year round. It is famous for its long sandy beaches, clear turquoise sea water, beautiful resorts, and delicious seafood for reasonable prices. What is more beautiful than riding a bicycle along the beach with your partner, lying on the sand watching the sky full of stars at night or simply walking hand in hand enjoying the spectacular sunset in this romantic destination?

When should you go?

You can visit Nha Trang anytime in a year but the best time is July and August when you can see high blue sky, idly white flowing cloud, calm sea and good weather. In October and November, small rainfall may affect your traveling a bit

Mui Ne

Mui Ne is an ideal destination for a honeymoon holiday because of the crystal turquoise seawater and many interesting activities such as parachute, water skiing, volleyball, soccer. Besides, you can enjoy a riding game in enormous sand dunes

When should you go?

You can visit Mui Ne anytime you want because the weather is warm the whole year. However, it is suggested that you should not come in July and August because it is seaweed season so the water is not crystal clear.

Phu Quoc


Phu Quoc is known as Pearl Island in Vietnam because of its preciousness. This beautiful island is far away from the coast, ringed by white sand beaches, has a great national park with diversified fauna and flora.

Phu Quoc is becoming a favorite destination for both locals and international tourists but it still keeps its unique and beauty with great resorts and perfect services. Besides, married couples may cycle and discover the park together or lie on the beach. Don’t forget to enjoy traditional cuisine in Phu Quoc with fresh seafood or BBQ on the beach.

When should you go?

The best weather in Phu Quoc is from October to May of the next year because it is a dry season. However, if you want to avoid crowds and prefer good hotel price, don’t hesitate to reach Phu Quoc from May to September

Multi-country tours

Vietnam is a great place to spend your honeymoon holidays but if you want to cross the border, there are also great places waiting for you just by a short flight to Siem Reap, home to the famous Angkor Wat. The subtle space from ancient temples or relics featured by a splendid historical epoch of Angkor. All in one Vietnam-Cambodia tour package


Angkor Wat

In addition, you may visit the neighboring country Thailand to experience its bustling capital Bangkok, visit the famous Thai Buddhist temples, immerse yourself in Thai culture in Chiang Mai, Damnoen Saduak Floating Market or explore beautiful beaches with smooth and white sand in Koh Samui, all in one Vietnam-Thailand tour package


Damnoen Saduak Floating Market- The most famous of the floating markets in Thailand


Vietnam and Indochina have great destinations for your honeymoon tour packages. However, personally I love romantic places with beautiful nature, turquoise sea water with the sound of waves and the old culture in the modern world. Thus, I prefer Sapa – natural heaven on earth, Halong – great world heritage, Hoi An ancient city, Nha Trang beach, Da Lat lovely city and Mekong delta to be included in my trip.

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