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Travel To Da Lat - Escape The Summer Heat

Where to go?

Thai Phien Flower Village


Image: Instagram

Reach Ward 12, Da Lat and visit one of the most beautiful flowers villages in Vietnam: Thai Phien Flower Village. There are hundreds of types of flowers in different color, blooming or still to be buds but they are all beautiful and aroma. People in the village are friendly and hospitable so you can talk and learn some experiences about how to grow and take care of flower.

Than Tho Lake

Than Tho Lake is 6km from Da Lat center which means “lament” because it relates to a sad love story. The lake is located in a high hill, among a silent pine forest. The water is always calm and the scene is gentle. You can hire a horse to walk around the lake, enjoy the peace and fresh air here.

Domain de Marie Church

Only 1km from the south of Da Lat center, Domain De Marie is a big church of 12 hectares. The church was first built in 1930 and rebuilt in 1943 with special architecture. Domain De Marie Church is also a home and school for orphan children.

Da Lat Flowers

Da Lat is covered with flowers in every season, soft and beautiful like a sleeping fairy. In spring, Da Lat becomes brighter with pink from cherry and peach blossom. It is said that these cherry trees were brought from Japan and there are some very old cherry trees aged around 100 years old.
Da Lat has thousands of types of beautiful flowers but what make Da Lat to be the most special is Violet Delonix flower blooming in March and April. Reach here in summer and feel the faithful color along the romantic streets.
Autumn comes to Da Lat with the yellow color of daisy. There are also other types of daisy in the different colors but yellow daisy flowers standing out like the sun in the sky. This romantic scene attracts a lot of couples to go for honeymoon holiday, spending sweet time together and taking beautiful pictures.
In winter, the weather is cold, if in some places, trees are left with branches, snow is in everywhere but Da Lat is not much cold, flowers blossom beautifully than ever. It is covered with yellow from tithonia and mimosa flowers.

Lang Biang Mountain


Magnificant Lang Biang Moutain Image: Instagram

Lang Biang is the highest mountain in Da Lat where you can have a breathtaking overview of Da Lat city and the enormous scene of mountains and sky here. However, to reach the top, you have to walk around 3 hours along the path through a jungle and may get lost if you are off the track. Climbing is divided into two sections:

Section 1: From the Entry gate (of tourism site) to Terminal station in Bidoup Nui Ba national park.
There are 2 ways to reach Terminal station:

  • Follow the same road to Radar Hill but we only walk to the three-way crossroads that has the Terminal of National Park then turn right to the path.
  • We do not go through the gate but follow the path in the right of the gate. Then come go through the pine forest, follow the path to the terminal. You should be careful in this section because the path is uphill and you can get lost.

Section 2: From the terminal station to Lang Biang
Follow the path which can be seen clearly. We can see the different distribution of plant, passing pine forest and old trees then reach the peak of Lang Biang.
Travel by vehicle is not available in this path.

Reach Radar Hill by Jeep

If you prefer something free and easy but still interesting, let’s go to Radar Hill by jeep. You can hire a jeep for a return trip with the price of about $15 but if you can share with others, it is even cheaper. The road is in good condition so it only takes 15 minutes to reach the top.
However, if you are trekker or hiker, it will take 1.5 to 2 hours to walk from Da Lat center to the top of the hill. Walking down is always faster, takes less than 1.5 hours.
From the top of the hill, you can have a perfect view over Da Lat: mountain, sky, river, tree and field. Enjoy your time here and don’t forget to take pictures!

Where to stay?

5-star hotels:

Ana Mandara Villas Dalat

The villas were built in 1920s by French so they have French style architecture. Ana Mandra is peaceful with the beautiful scene. If you are a golf player, you can register a golf package.

Dalat Palace Hotel

The hotel has delightful views overlooking Xuan Huong Lake, covered by gardens. Inside, many beautiful paintings hang on the wall, it looks like you are in the art museum. You may also enjoy traditional cuisine or book a golf package.

4-star hotel:

Muong Thanh Da Lat Hotel

The hotel is right at the center of Dalat, near Xuan Huong Lake and Dalat Market. The hotel also has a swimming pool indoor, suitable for good budget and easy travel.

Ngoc Lan Hotel Dalat

It's location is convenient to the centre of town, and the night market. Breakfast is on the top floor with the beautiful view. Rooms here are spacious and they have adequate facilities

3-star hotel:

Diamond Dalat hotel

Hotel with good decoration, well equipped in the center of Dalat. The budget is more affordable.


Home Farm

With good price, Home Farm is an interesting place for backpackers. It is a peaceful 2-storey house in the pine forest. Besides, Home Farm has a front yard where the youth usually gather and have party.

What to eat and drink?

Nem Nuong at Ba Hung Restaurant


“Nem” is a special dish in Vietnam which actually is fermented pork roll. “Nem Nuong” means “nem” is roasted in the traditional way. Nem will be eaten with raw vegetables, herbs, rice cake with dipping source. Nem Nuong at Ba Hung (Mrs Hung) is a perfect combination of yin yang and taste so don’t miss it when you reach here.

Artichoke soup

Artichoke is a Da Lat specialty which is not only served as food but also medicine. Artichoke helps relieve the heat from inside of your body, good for diabetes patients and cure other diseases also. This dish is available in many restaurants in Dalat so let’s order one bowl of artichoke soup!


Da Lat has a cool climate all-year-round, which is very suitable for growing strawberries. This kind of fruit is famous for high quality and hygiene safety, color and distinctive taste. Strawberry farms have become a “must-see” destination for tourists. Coming here, you guys will find out the farming experience, pick and buy some fresh strawberries

Hot Soy Milk

Anyone visiting Dalat can not miss street foods and Hot Soy Milk is one of them. Drinking a glass of hot soy milk early morning in the cool weather in Da Lat makes you feel delightful. Soy milk is made from soybeans. Soy Milk is a good drink for health and rich in nutrition, calcium, protein and available in Dalat.

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